Flat roofing 


A flat roof is a type of covering of a building. In contrast to the sloped form of a roof, a flat roof is horizontal or nearly horizontal. Materials that cover flat roofs should allow the water to run off freely from a very slight inclination. Flat roofs are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of applications. From standard roofs to balconies and walkways, they make excellent, water-tight coverings.


Traditionally flat roofs would use a tar and gravel based surface which, as long as there was no pooling of water, was sufficient to prevent penetration. However, these surfaces would tend to fail in colder climates, where ice dams and the like could block the flow of water. Similarly, they tend to be sensitive to sagging of the roof reversing the subtle grading of the surface.


Modern flat roofs tend to use a continuous membrane covering which can better resist pools of standing water. These membranes are applied as a continuous sheet where possible.


Here at Finchampstead roofing, we know how important it is that a flat roof is properly constructed. Anything less than an expert fit can lead to damage from pooling water spreading across your roof. This can lead to costly repairs or replacements, so it is always better to have your flat roof properly fitted the first time.

Having superior flat roof felt is one of the key ingredients to having an excellent quality flat roof. And when this material is fitted by a professional roofer, it can last for years. 

We provide guarantees with all our flat roofs which will vary slightly depending on the roof covering you choose for your



  So for flat roof felt supply and installation, come to Finchampstead Roofing


Firestone EPDM Rubber 


Looking to be the next step in flat roofing comes the Firestone EPDM rubber membrane, with a manufactures guarantee certificate of 20 years you can rely on an EPDM Rubber roof, it has been installed successfully in the USA over more than 40 years. Unlike many other "newer" materials to the UK. Globally, EPDM is the worlds most used single ply roofing membrane


for more information on Firestone EPDM and how it can benefit you please follow the link below